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Testimonial #1

“When I needed help, Family Service was there.  When I needed to talk, Family Service was there.  When I just needed a hug, Family Service was there for me.” – Client, Mayville, NY


Testimonial #2

“Family Service is an excellent resource for students, families and staff – assisting families to make referrals to other agencies in and out of the school building because the agency understands the rules, laws and procedures that relate to attendance, child protection, special education, school law and confidentiality. The Family Service staff person assigned to our school is very open-minded, compassionate and resourceful.” – E. Ames, Principal


Testimonial #3

“Family Service has been a blessing for me and my family.  Without their help and assistance, I might not have been able to get back on my feet again.  Thank you Family Service!” – Client, Jamestown NY

For more information:

(716) 488-1971 Or Toll Free 1-888-358-3899
Email: familyservice@fscr.mygbiz.com